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For those using Heybubble on, they just announced today, that they might stop supporting Jabber (

Too bad for them…

Note that there is tons of other Jabber compatible IMs you can use to chat with your visitors on mobile devices, full list here

We recommend to Check out ou Skype feature (also working on Skype mobile app), a very unique integration that made us popular!

<3 Love you customers!

Why having a live chat support software for your website will boost your sales and increase your conversions!

1) Your customers are not doing you any favors, they are on your website to find what they need and don’t have time to waste (like you).

This is the key of online conversions: we are getting lazy while browsing the Internet, and when we’re not finding what we are looking for… well, we just leave! Even worse, we go to competition :s

So there is a lot of great tools to increase conversions: A/B testing, visitors behavior analysis, CRMs, email and phone support, etc… But none of them are real-time. That means only very motivated visitors will use those channels. 

The key is to find before getting tired of searching. Here’s where the live chat act as a friendly, non intrusive guide for your visitors.


2) Companies are moving to a mutli-channel customer service model.

Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. 90% of customers who already engaged in live chat find it helpful and 63% are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat. That mean they now expect to be helped in real-time and they know a lot of companies out there (some might steal that visitor from you) are doing it this way. 

3) We all know that leads are hard to generate and need trust, human trust, not robot trust (neither wait in line trust!)

Live chat is also the ability to make forgettable (and forgivable) some of the very small issues, but critical that let a bad first impression.

Plus, there is some industries where human interaction is even more important: Business services, Development Agencies, Real estate, Law, Medical, etc… because they’re based on trust. What you need here is bring your expensive service directly to your customers instead of waiting for them to come get it.


4) Proactive chat invitations can help to show your visitors that you’re here to help, and finding the perfect moment to engage them in a conversation will make them feel comfortable.

Our live tracking tool is like reading your visitors minds, and lets you engage them at just the right time when they’re asking themselves where to go, or better.. when they’re about to leave to a competitor :p

With proactive invitations you can setup the chat to automatically engage your visitors at critical steps you can define. Not possible on any other customer service channel right?


5) Live chat boosts productivity, and customer satisfaction.

The fact that the chat allows to help multiple visitors at the same time has two main advantages: 
     - Your operators will be more productive and will be able to deal with several tasks simultaneously. Plus HeyBubble is integrated with the most usual tools around like Skype, iMessage, iChat, etc… as well as available on mobile devices to let you guys create leads while on the go.

- The waiting time for your visitors will drop significantly. You’ll make them happy… if you love them enough.


Try out HeyBubble for free and start converting more customers today.

<3<3<3<3 Love Your Customers <3<3<3<3

Article by David Amsallem
CEO & Founder

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Have you ever used HeyBubble through Skype or Jabber on your smartphone? And why you should do it.


1) It gives you the ability answer to your visitors directly from your phone.

You’ll receive incoming chats on your smartphone with push notifications and you’ll be able to help your visitors and turn them into customers while on the go. 

2) It’s a no brainer

This feature gives you the ability to answer to the chat while outside the office, using the most usual tools around (Skype, iChat/iMessage,, Adium, Pidgin, etc…) and guess what?

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Live chat infographic by HeyBubble

Live chat infographic by HeyBubble

Our Statistics and Analytics are LIVE!

Our Statistics and Analytics are LIVE!

Archives are live!

You can now retrieve any chat or conversation from the past as well as names and email addresses of people you’ve chatted with! Don’t worry about loosing info anymore.

Visit the Archives page of your web dashboard to check that awesome new feature. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you think in the chat.


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